Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.
Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.

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Steven P. Cohen, President
Caroline Gardiner, Vice President
Anthony (Tony) C. Adamopoulos, Esquire -- Senior Trainer
Ambassador Gershon Gan, Senior Trainer
Peter E. Isaac, Senior Trainer
Curtis Johnson, Senior Trainer
Andréa F. MacLeod, Senior Trainer
John Murphy, Senior Trainer
Victoria Perez, Senior Trainer
J. Ron Scruggs, Senior Trainer
Paul McDevitt, Senior Trainer
Richard M. Highsmith, Senior Trainer
Michael Gallagher, Senior Trainer
Raymond Walters, Senior Trainer
Lynne Robson, Senior Trainer
Tim Dubuque, Webmaster & Director of Online Marketing

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Tim Dubuque
Webmaster & Director of Online Marketing

Tim Dubuque Tim is our website designer, online marketing head, and all round internet guru. He is a graduate of UNH and Lesley College, Cambridge, Massachusetts where he holds a Master's degree in computer education.

Mr. Dubuque has been in the internet business for over 15 years which takes us back to the early years of the world wide web. Tim manages and updates our current site and extensive email database of Negotiation Skills customers and newsletter readers.

Tim stays on top of the internet and advises us of emerging technologies such as audio and video capabilities and how to integrate them into future versions of the TNSC website.

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