Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.
Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.

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Steven P. Cohen, President
Anthony (Tony) C. Adamopoulos, Esquire -- Senior Trainer
Ambassador Gershon Gan, Senior Trainer
Peter E. Isaac, Senior Trainer
Curtis Johnson, Senior Trainer
Andréa F. MacLeod, Senior Trainer
John Murphy, Senior Trainer
Victoria Perez, Senior Trainer
J. Ron Scruggs, Senior Trainer
Paul McDevitt, Senior Trainer
Richard M. Highsmith, Senior Trainer
Michael Gallagher, Senior Trainer
Raymond Walters, Senior Trainer
Lynne Robson, Senior Trainer
Joseph B. Carringer, Webmaster & Director of Online Marketing

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Raymond Walters

Caroline GardinerRay brings extensive experience from the world of international retail, manufacturing, brand management and sourcing, spanning more than twenty years.

During his career Ray has held several executive positions with Marks and Spencer UK, and directorships, including a six year tenure as the managing director of Bagir, a leading international provider of tailored products.

Ray is passionate about his work, and has a keen interest in global business development. In the last ten years he has devised and implemented strategies for production, raw materials sourcing, growth, and brand development. This journey took him to Egypt, Israel, Eastern Europe, Thailand, China and India. He describes this experience and learning as invaluable to appreciate and understand the opportunities, challenges and fun of doing business in such a diverse range of cultures.

Ray presents his most rewarding and difficult negotiation situations as: Staging and promoting a charity concert performance of Porgy and Bess at London’s Barbican for two thousand five hundred people – also persuading the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle, and lead singer Sir Willard White to contribute their talents for free. The second was convincing his daughter to go to university, ( after sixteen years, negotiations are on going for her to own a Cat) and finally; having sought board approval, he managed the transfer of production and customer satisfaction of two million tailored garments to from the company’s own manufacturing plant in Israel to China.

Ray’s association with TNSC goes back to 1995 - a chance meeting in Pisa, Italy on an aeroplane with the company’s president Steve Cohen which led to his participation on one their training programs; as they say - the rest is history.

Ray lives in London with his wife Linda, and children Craig and Chloe. He has a love for music (eight thousand tunes on his iPod) dancing Salsa, and eating out with his wife at great restaurants

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