Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.
Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.

Privacy Policy of, the website of The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.

The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc. values and respects the privacy rights of all visitors to our website and is careful to protect their privacy in the following ways:
  1. Personal data supplied by visitors in order to receive our website's emailed newsletter and quotations is not shared with any other organization.

  2. Personal data supplied by visitors utilizing the 'Ask Steve's Advice' section of the website is often changed by The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc. (TNSC) when utilizing the questioner's information might reveal their identity to people who know them.

  3. Our website does not utilize 'cookies' or any other browser-tracking mechanisms.

  4. Data collected from site visitors is used to enable TNSC to respond to requests for information about our company, and to give site visitors a general idea of the source of questions submitted to our 'Ask Steve's Advice' section.

  5. TNSC respects 'unsubscribe' requests and deletes data relating to any visitor wishing to 'unsubscribe' immediately.
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