Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.
Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.

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TNSC's consultants and trainers are all experienced public speakers.

Keynote Speaking
Members of the TNSC team are experienced public speakers who can provide brief introductions to negotiation as part of trade association or corporate events. Our programs include:

  • Negotiation Is Not A Competitive Sport
  • Sales In A Price-Driven Environment
  • Introduction To Interest-Based Negotiation
  • Bringing Corporate Tribes Together
  • A Family Is Not A War Zone
  • Preparing To Negotiate
  • Making A Deal Stick
  • Coping With Cultural Dissonance
  • Dealing With Difficult Or Dangerous People
  • Overcoming Deadlock
  • Navigating Gender Bias and other Stereotyping in Negotiation
  • Developing Relationships for Fruitful Negotiations

    For information about presentations by Dr. Curtis Johnson and Steven P. Cohen, please click on their names.

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