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Steven P. Cohen
Senior Trainer, The Negotiation Skills Company

Steve Cohen Steve Cohen has been a featured speaker at many meetings and programs in the US and Europe. President of The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc. he is a graduate of Columbia Law School, Brandeis University, and Henley Management College. Mr. Cohen received formal training in Negotiation, Advanced Negotiation, and Mediation at Harvard Law School where he was appointed a member of the Alumni Advisory Board of the Harvard Negotiation Project.

Following his graduation from law school, Mr. Cohen spent a dozen years in politics and government. He served as the City of Boston's Washington Lobbyist during the Nixon and Ford Administrations, a job which required considerable negotiation skill. His subsequent career in commercial real estate development and management added further depth to his experience.

A visiting business school professor in the United States and France, Mr. Cohen has worked with people from more than forty countries. He provides consulting and negotiation training in workshops for corporate clients worldwide.

Please E-mail us if you are interested in having him speak to your company or group.

Below is a partial list of topics Steve offers:

  • Negotiation:
    • Corporate Culture
    • 7 Pillars of Negotiational Wisdom
    • Dealing With Stakeholders
    • International Business/The Global Marketplace

  • Communication:
    • Active Listening and the Power of Silence
    • Dealing With Cultural Differences

  • Business Ethics:
    • The Moral Bases of Business Decisions
    • Public Perceptions of Business's Impact on
    • Society's Ethical Standards

  • Executive Coaching
    • Choosing and Using an Executive Coach/Mentor
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