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Negotiation Strategy Assistance
When executives and other organizational leaders need to undertake negotiations involving specific projects or problems, TNSC's staff has worked behind the scenes to develop and implement negotiation strategies in a broad range of areas:
  • Helping a major European retailer organize negotiations of the outsourcing of a major logistical contract, choosing among five highly-qualified vendors
  • Developing and monitoring the strategy of an international environmental organization's negotiations with a large US user of developing-country forest products ­ and representatives from the supplier country
  • Advising the principals involved in a management buy-out of a major international market research company

    TNSC's professionals bring a broad range of negotiation experience to the table with organizations in a variety of areas including:
  • Financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Supply chain elements
  • Real estate/property sellers, tenants, developers
  • Large-scale purchasers

    TNSC's continuing involvement includes preparation, analysis, and follow-up on a case-by-case basis.

    Negotiation Team Enhancement
    While TNSC believes that it is best to empower our clients to be able to negotiate on their own, we assist individuals and organizations as active members of their negotiating teams:
  • TNSC assists with preparation and the development of strategies and tactics
  • When called upon, TNSC acts as an onsite resource to client negotiators to analyze, elaborate on, or clarify procedural issues
  • TNSC debriefs clients after negotiation sessions ­ and after the conclusion of negotiations ­ to assure the best outcome

    Executive Coaching
    Given the broad range of business experience of TNSC staff members, we have provided coaching on negotiation and other business issues to executives across a broad spectrum of topics in several countries:
  • We helped a US utility avoid costly litigation
  • TNSC has assisted partners working out partnership disputes
  • Our assistance has helped executives gain promotions and/or make rewarding career moves both within and across international borders
  • In ongoing coaching relationships, we are a safe confidant for CEOs and other top level executives who find it "lonely at the top".

    Crisis Intervention/Consulting
    While no business wants to think of itself as a possible object of violence or disruptive behavior, TNSC offers assistance to:
  • Train personnel in dealing with difficult people
  • Equip corporate decision makers with techniques for responding to possible violent or disruptive behavior
  • Prevent, manage, and resolve conflict
  • Providing tools and/or hands-on assistance for dealing with hostage situations

    Responding To Changed Circumstances
    When a deal's circumstances have changed and parties need to modify it, TNSC provides advice, strategy development, and/or hands-on assistance utilizing our staff experience in such areas as politics, real estate/property, banking, management consulting, labor/management issues, and litigation.

    Training And Consulting In Spanish
    Most of the services TNSC has been providing since 1991 are now available for presentation in Spanish. Our textbook, Negotiating Skills for Managers, has been published in Spanish with changes in the examples presented that reflect the contributions of Prof. Ricardo Altimira-Vega of Madrid's premier business school, Instituto Empresa. The Spanish-language book is called Claves de negociación con el corazón y la mente and was published by McGraw-Hill España in April, 2003.

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    Negotiating Skills for Managers, by Steven P. Cohen

    Steve Cohen's Negotiating Skills for Managers, published by McGraw-Hill in March 2002, offers 185 pages of negotiation philosophy and advice from the founder of The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc. The book's format, with a list of learning points at the end of each of its twelve chapters, an extensive index, and many real-life examples makes it a particularly useful tool for both sophisticated negotiators and those who need to gain confidence. (Click here to view and print a recent critique by a book reviewer in India)
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    Negotiating Skills for Managers is published in Spanish by McGraw-Hill España under the title Claves de negociación con el corazón y la mente, in Russian by Grand-Fair Publishing, in Simplified Chinese (Beijing) and Complex Chinese (Taiwan) by McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) Company, and in India by Tata McGraw-Hill.

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