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Dr. Curtis M. Johnson
Senior Trainer, The Negotiation Skills Company


Dr. Curtis Johnson Every day, on the job or at home, we are faced with a person that makes us feel "bad", feels as if we are the problem or we are in the wrong place (especially if we are around that difficult person). Ironically, after some dissection of their personality, we quickly find that they (the difficult person) is the core of all our frustration, our anger and our "pity, pity" lack of self-confidence. Sometimes it takes years and years to identify where this insecurity comes from.

It is that very difficult person (no matter what job level they have compared to yours or what educational background they come from) that needs to be put in "check". You will learn those powerful techniques that will finally lift your spirits and enable you to once again laugh and smile. You will never again have to succumb to their constant challenges, belittlement and embarrassment in the public arena that the difficult person puts you through.

Dr. Johnson speaks from his experience as senior hostage negotiator at a maximum security NY State penitentiary. As a team leader for this crisis intervention unit, his challenges and experiences are second to none. The dirty verbal fighter here is the most experienced and seasoned that the presenter has ever found. Here this eager, vibrant speaker presents:

  1. A shared experience of how we all get started dealing with angry, emotional, difficult people.
  2. How communication skills can help you.
  3. Identifying the dirty fighter (understanding this negative verbal skill).
  4. How to track and stop a dirty fighter.
  5. How you can solve the problem
  6. Identify and track dirty fighting tactics
  7. Hone in your own communication skills
  8. How to handle aggressive personalities better
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