Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.
Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.

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Michael Gallagher, Senior Trainer
Raymond Walters, Senior Trainer
Lynne Robson, Senior Trainer
Joseph B. Carringer, Webmaster & Director of Online Marketing

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Caroline Gardiner

Caroline Gardiner Caroline (Carol) Gardiner, who joined TNSC as Vice President for Marketing in May 2008 brings great experience to the job. Her work as a television script supervisor and production manager - in a business where egos can play a significant role in both negotiations and the sale of ideas, Carol developed an understanding and talent for the negotiation process.

Her subsequent career in real estate development and sales provided further opportunities to develop her marketing and negotiation skills.

A native of Southern California, Carol has lived in several parts of the United States and Mexico. She and her husband Jim are avid golfers - but their handicaps are kept secret to avoid making other players nervous.

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