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Tactical Choices for Strategic Influencing©
Since negotiation is only successful if it yields an agreement each party will willingly fulfill, understanding techniques that can be used to influence negotiation partners' decisions is a critical skill set for a good negotiator.

Tactical Choices for Strategic Influencing© addresses seven types of approaches for influencing decisions that can be used by a negotiator in determining his/her strategy - or in comprehending tactics other parties may be using to attempt to influence decisions.

TNSC has built flexibility into the presentation of this program. It can be delivered as a keynote/lunchtime program of about 60 to 90 minutes or it can be customized with role-plays for a half-day or full day program.

Major learning points from the course include:
  • Understanding influencing tactic choices one can make in developing negotiation strategy.
  • Recognizing what influencing tactics other parties are using in their approach to negotiation.
  • Comprehending the negotiation process from this new analytical angle - and becoming empowered to negotiate more effectively.
  • Differentiating between influencing/negotiation process factors and substantive issues that are open to collaborative decision-making.

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