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Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.

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A Two Day Workshop on interest-based Negotiation
Presented by The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.
General Information

The program enhances the existing skills of participants and introduces new tools for analysis, strategizing, and preparation. After completing FFWBB the participants will have a better understanding of their own negotiating style and will have acquired the means for building on their strengths and increasing their self-confidence.

Interest-based negotiation techniques are crucial both as a life skill and throughout one's career. This two-day workshop on negotiation skills teaches participants a variety of analytical tools and techniques for more effective negotiation:

  • Distinguishing between positional bargaining and interest-based negotiation
  • Dealing with cross cultural issues and negotiating in the global marketplace and among corporate tribes.
  • Understanding how to measure and deal with power imbalances
  • Knowing when to hold and when to fold - understanding the Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement
  • Using communication as a mechanism for exchanging the fundamental asset of negotiation: information
  • Prioritizing among the Seven Pillars of Negotiational Wisdomİ in choosing negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Using creativity to maximize long-term gains
  • Active listening and the Power of Silence
  • The use and abuse of Deadlines
  • Making use of confidence-building measures
  • Mapping and prioritizing interests
A Brief Description of the Schedule

Prior to the workshop: participants read textbook,  Negotiating Skills for Managers  (Steven P. Cohen, McGraw-Hill, 2002) and respond to a questionnaire regarding their negotiation concerns

Day one: Several role-plays involving each participant, lecture, discussion, feedback

Between sessions: Overnight team homework, preparation for second day's first role-play

Day two: Role-plays, discussion, feedback, analysis by each participant of their learning experience

After the workshop: Ongoing availability of TNSC as a resource

Who Should Attend?

The program is essential for people who
  • Make decisions involving their organization and/or other parties
  • Buy, sell, or trade products or assets
  • Work across cultures
  • Negotiate with subordinates and superiors within the company
  • Work as part of teams or need to overcome internal corporate tribalism
  • Are involved in budget decisions
  • Need to build or enhance relationships with clients, customers, or suppliers
  • Have to deal with lawyers, accountants, and other professionals

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