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A Booster Shot for Negotiators
Presented by The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.

One of the directions given to participants in the Fighting Fires Without Burning Bridgessm (FFWBB) seminar is to practice their newly-enhanced skill at every opportunity and observe how the negotiation process works. Observation of their own and others' use of negotiation techniques leads them to develop a sense of which skills and concepts they feel could use further clarification and focus.

Booster Shot is a one-day program offering FFWBB graduates of a chance to work together to revisit the lessons of FFWBB and review how the concepts have worked on the job and in the rest of life. The program is a cooperative learning experience, relying on the expertise of the trainer as well as observations and feedback from other participants.

Intake questionnaires are skill-specific, and responses allow the program to be closely focused on the concepts and skills of greatest concern to group members. The short time frame may allow for the inclusion of role plays, or the group may focus on the issues they themselves have raised on their intake questionnaires.

Recent Booster Shot participants have offered the program enthusiastic reviews:

"The 'booster shot' gave good focus on the work carried out in the original course and refreshed the learning/understanding cycle."

"(FFWBB) and Booster Shot have enabled me to perform better both for (my company) and in personal life."

"I have found that bringing 'real life' experiences to the follow-up programme brought even deeper insights to the negotiation process."

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