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Enhancing the Individual's Negotiation Skills
Presented by The Negotiation Skills Company

Negotiators who have had the opportunity to practice the skills presented in Fighting Fires Without Buring Bridgessm can derive substantial benefit from The Negotiation Skills Company's intensive Building Bridges workshop.

The program is designed for nine participants, and begins with a personal interview and an evaluation process that assesses current negotiation style as well as skill level. The negotiation style portion is modeled on the familiar management assessment grid format, and the negotiation skill portion is focused on participants themselves and also on evaluations from several colleagues and others with whom they negotiate.

In the two-day 'classroom' phase of the program, participants focus on several fundamental issues:

  • Getting 'into the head' of people with whom they are negotiating. Correctly identifying the interests of other negotiators before the negotiation actually begins and as it goes forward.

  • Evaluating one's own negotiation style and its effect on one's ability to address interests and avoid positions, both one's own and those of other negotiators.

  • Understanding the mechanisms and consequences of internal negotiations. Addressing interests internally to become the "drop dead decision maker"

  • Taking advantage of opportunities to evaluate the process and analyze strategic and tactical options. BATNA in action - How to change it and how ongoing change affects the process.
The challenges of multi-party role play presented in Fighting Fires Without Burning Bridgessm are expanded into a 'tag-team' exercise, where two or more participants share a role, bringing issues of internal negotiations, timing and style distinctions within a team to a situation with several represented parties at interest. This role play is videotaped to increase feedback opportunities for participants and the trainer.

The Building Bridgessm Workshop provides an ideal opportunity for a small group of experienced negotiators to better understand their own styles and to make best use of the negotiation styles of team members to design and implement more effective strategies. The combination of style with sharply honed interest-based negotiation skills prepares participants to tackle the most complex negotiation issues.

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