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The Negotiation Skills Company -- Newsletter 12 September 2001

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The occasional newsletter of
The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc. (TNSC)

Number 18, 12 September 2001


The occasional newsletter of The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc. (TNSC)


The mission statement of The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc. is: "Advance the cause of civility."

Our philosophy is founded on the belief that except for an extraordinarily small number of people, human beings share common interests in peace and fairness and personal freedom.

The attacks on the United States of America were an attack on the fundamental interests of civilized people. An anonymous enemy attacked, without named purpose, destroying innocent lives, using civilian aircraft as weapons of war.

The cowardice and viciousness displayed by the anonymous barbarians attacking without named ideological purpose did more to bring Americans together than any event since the Second World War. Our office has received messages from all over the world expressing sympathy and condemning the attack.

In developing our negotiation consulting and training programs over the past ten years, The Negotiation Skills Company has never deluded itself into thinking that, by ourselves, we can save the world from barbarity. But we were founded based on the obligation of every civilized person to take whatever steps they can to initiate or carry on positive change.

When we work with individuals or companies or other organizations wanting to enhance their capacities to reach solutions in a peaceful, civilized manner TNSC is fulfilling our moral and ethical commitment to 'advance the cause of civility'.

Yesterday's attack on America and on civilized standards of human behavior demonstrates our ongoing obligation to pursue our mission. And it underscores the duty of all people of good will to take whatever steps they can towards making the world a better place.

There are evil people in this world; with some six billion people, there have to be several hundred or even several thousand 'bad guys'. But they cannot set the rules - and they will not.

Steve Cohen

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