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The Negotiation Skills Company -- Newsletter June 1998

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We are constantly updating TNSC's website.

In the past few weeks we have added
1. An excerpt from The Negotiation Journal
  regarding cross-cultural negotiation
2. Several responses to some very interesting questions
  that have come in to our Q & A Column
3. An experimental interactive section for
  people attending our programs
4. And, in response to several requests, more detailed
  descriptions of the training programs we offer

Come revisit the site to see what we have done


We are surprised from time to time by visitors' comments indicating how they found TNSC and our website. Perhaps the most interesting came a couple of days ago when a visitor from the Philippines indicated he saw our site mentioned in Cosmopolitan Magazine. If you have heard about us from an interesting source, would you please tell us about it. Please email us or contact us through the website.


TNSC keeps in touch with people who attend our presentations and participate in our training programs. We ask how people have used their negotiation skills training in their professional life. A recent respondent indicated the training had been somewhat important professionally, but for him what was most important is that the skills he learned helped save his marriage. This is really a case of negotiation being a process by which people trade valuables in a civilized manner.


"Information is the fundamental asset in negotiation."
(Steven P. Cohen)

Good luck and good negotiating,

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